Women’s March Broward Releases Statement in Support of Tom Lynch

You have demonstrated a commitment to the tenets of Women’s March Broward that include a progressive stance on reproductive rights, voter rights, criminal justice reform, immigration rights, LGBTQ+ rights, economic justice, education reform, and environmental justice.

Your platform resonates with us and fits with the values that matter to us. Broward County needs a representative who will stand up and work for transformative change in our State and County.

Broward County Police Benevolent Association Endorses Tom Lynch for Public Defender

Tom received another endorsement. The Broward County PBA endorsed him the same day as his interview.

The PBA endorsement shows that many participants in the justice system support his candidacy.

Tom is proud of this endorsement and thanks the members.

The Broward County AFL-CIO Endorses Tom Lynch for Broward County Public Defender

Tom was thrilled and honored to be introduced by Dan Reynolds as their endorsed candidate for Broward County Public Defender at the AFL-CIO’s Legislative Breakfast.

The early endorsement of the AFL – CIO is fantastic, and should be very helpful to the campaign. The union support is very important to Tom, and he thanks all the members.

Bruce Rogow Endorses Tom Lynch for Broward County Public Defender

Tom Lynch is very pleased, and humbled, that Bruce Rogow has endorsed his campaign for Broward County Public Defender.

Bruce was Tom’s professor in law school and successfully argued Argensinger V. Hamlin in the US Supreme Court. That case established the right to a public defender for individuals charged with misdemeanors. The court was unanimous in its decision. Thank you Bruce for your advocacy and your endorsement of the campaign.